The French government brings its support to Respect Zone

Through the DILCRA (Interministerial Delegation in the Fight against racism and the Anti-Semitism), the French government has just brought its official support for the project and the label Respect Zone.

The web site of the DILCRA mentions Respect Zone among his official partners, by specifying that:

" Respect Zone" is a citizen initiative from the association " Hate Prevention Initiative " has already offered an international reflection on the responsibility of the editors of contents on Web and on notion of neutrality responsible for the Internet. This association advocates the voluntary implementation of an accessible label for all, " Respect Zone", to differentiate websites and forums which make a moderation commitment of their contents. This initiative, which is encouraged by the DILCRA, joins the works of this delegation on the notion of prejudicial mediation ".

Besides, the annual report 2014 of the DILCRA presents Respect Zone as the first engaged action during the year, with the fight against racism and the anti-Semitism on the Internet (link below):

The same report contains a focus on the reflections and the works in 2014 begun by the Initiative of Prevention of Hate concerning Mein Kampf and the similar contents:

" Stemming from the civil society, " Hate Prevention Initiative " is convinced that the repression, which can be a necessity in certain cases, does not constitute a long-term solution, and only the responsibility, the pedagogy and the education are factors of hate prevention, in particular on the Internet."

The Respect zone project is particularly proud and honored by the trust shows by the French government, and wishes to multiply collaborations with it in a near future.