The first Respect Zones' school in France

Respect in school on March 27th in Brest 

Saint-Pol-Roux, the first Respect Zone's certified college in France, organizes a debate on the cyberviolence 

Paris, March 16th, 2015 - Mrs Sylvie Hamon, Head teacher of the public middle school Saint-Pol-Roux in Brest, will welcome in her walls, Philippe Coen, the founder of the association Respect zone, on March 27th of this year at 6:00 pm, for a new meeting and debate on the cyber-violence, with the 280 pupils of her establishment.

On this occasion, she will adopt symbolically the Respect Zone's label for the whole school, by affixing it at the front door and inside the establishment. She will incite every pupil to make an ethical commitment to respect the 4 rules of the Respect Zone's charter: (1) don't publish or support discriminating and excluding contents, (2) to remove or to let the contents but to mark his critical distance towards a disrespectful contents, (3) to post the Respect Zone's label on its page in a visible way, and (4) don't use it excessively.

The stakes are real because it's not simple to incite the pupils to take a moral commitment of public-spirited, not discriminating and not harassing behavior, on the social networks. If the majority of the pupils have a positive use of Web, they are not really ready to make a public commitment and to become an actor of the respect infront the others.

The subject already get the interest of lot of pupils , some of it have even decided to become Respect Zone's Ambassadors. Besides, Mrs Hamon waits for the debate the presence of parents, teachers, but also people from other establishments of Brest, structures of district and representatives of the Department of Education.

By adopting collectively the Respect Zone's label on its web site and in its walls, the college, its pupils and the school staff, make a public commitment against all the cyber-violence, including the harassment between pupils on the social networks.

"It has been 3 years that we lead targeted actions against the school harassment. By discovering the Respect Zone's initiative, I said to myself that it was the solution for our middle school. And I had the idea to organize a debate. I called Mister Coen and he immediatly said yes. We are the first college to adopt the label but I think that there will be many of the others ", declares Mrs Hamon.

"The respect on social networks has a future with Respect zone and the local initiatives like this. Thanks to the media success of our ad campaign "The card", lot of people (young and less young) and renowned companies (included Free and Microsoft), decided to adopt the label Respect Zone and to show loudly and clearly the respect !

Today, it's the turn of every schools to mark their support for the label to encourage the respect between pupils and teachers. We are profoundly touched by the spontaneous initiative of the Brest's college and are convinced that other schools of France and tomorrow in Europe follow the movement of the auto-responsibility and the auto-ethics.

We believe in our label of anti-harassment and anti-hatred can be developped even across the Atlantic because American colleges had already showed their interest via Center for School Climate in New York ", is glad to announce Philippe Coen.