The first college which adopts the label Respect Zone

It is an incredible step for Respect Zone with the official adoption of our label on Friday, 27 Mars 2015, by the public middle school Saint-Pol-Roux of Brest.

This major event began at 6:30 pm with a high-quality debate and meeting on the cyberviolence with 280 pupils of college included the 26 voluntary ambassadors Respect Zones, and the all educational community.

The voluntary pupils presented their initiatives for the Respect Zone's label, followed by questions and answers with the public made up of pupils from other establishments, the Popular Educational Association and the Press. A very emotional moment for Respect Zones which consolidates our purpose towards a better internet.

Secondly, Respect Zone met the direction of the Department of Education to find relevant and adapted solutions which will serve the fight against the cyberviolence.

Finally, Respect Zones wants to share with you a comment made during its intervention :

" I was far away from imagining the role that Respect Zone could play in this fight before the conference organized by the middle school St Pol on Friday, March 27th.

Indeed, internet is a zone of communication where everything seems allowed, where nothing is controlled, then how the logo Respect Zone could be an effective tool against cyber violence?

Respect Zone reminds me the power of the security blanket of our childhood. This cuddly toy which we squeezed hardly in the arms when we were afraid, which protected us from bad guys and monsters.

The logo Respect Zone is the mascot of the respect for all our young people.

By affixing it, they are not afraid of showing the importance of the respect for them. And to know that this logo is shared by more and more other people (parents, family, friends and all the others Internet users), can only strengthen this assurance, very useful to protect itself from hostilities on the Internet.

Indeed, to assert loud and clear a value and be supported by a community can only destabilize those who want to scoff at it. The advantage of the logo is that " every young person is an actor of his own prevention " to to take back the expression of Sylvie Hamon, the head teacher of the middle school.

To see the enthusiasm and the implication of these 26 ambassadors of the middle school St Pol, from 6th to 3rd level class, no doubt that we can be optimistic on the asset that the logo represents Respect Zones in the defense of this beautiful value that is respect. " Beatrice, member of the initiative Respect Zones.

We want to thank all the staffs and pupils whom we met for this incredible opportunity of dialogue, which allowed Respect Zone and all the persons present to move forward together to make the Internet better.

This event was on the local television channels on TV NEWS and in the local and regional press (link this below).,120533313.html