Respect Zone speak in at the No Hate Web. No Hate Speech Symposium at the Council of Europe

Respect Zone intervened from 28th to 30th of may at the No Hate Web. No Hate Speech Symposium at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg in the context of fighting against hatred speech on the web.

Jordan Tieb, project manager and assistant art director of Respect Zone, participated on the 28th of may in « Open class » for secondary and high school students, in order to present the initiative, and push the pupils to think of their uses of the Internet and social networks.

On the 29th of may, our team also explained the Respect Zone project, as part of the session « The origins of hate speech in Europe ».

On the same day, David Alexandre, General Manager of Respect Zone, presented the counter-speech label, during the « Speech, counter-speech, actions and reactions » session.

Respect Zone intervened 7 times through this Symposium.