Report abusive content

If you notice hateful content online and would like to report it, Respect Zone provides you with the right tools, support and addresses to do so. We will fight against online violence, together.

Protect our children!

Young people can be victims of online violence and hate at any moment. Together, we must take the time to provide them with the right information and guide them to correctly use the internet. Here are the points of advice diffused from the French Ministry for national education:

1   Do not trust those users wanting to find out about you a little too much.

2   Do not post or send to other users, personal information about you and your family (like your name, phone number, address or that of your school) without first discussing it with your parents.

3   If you find anything which you are not comfortable with, do not try to invistage it yourself, sign off or switch off your device, it’s best to speak to your parents first.

4   Always discuss with your parents before going to meet with someone you met online.

5   Delete without opening them, any unwanted emails or emails sent by unknown or untrusty senders.

6   Do not buy anything online, unless your parents are next to you to give you advice.

7   Never disclose your password.

To find out more, visit the "Espace Jeunes" of the CNIL!

Report illicit use of the label

In case of misuse of the Respect Zone label, you can contact us and send in your comment by completing the form below.

The Observatory for the Prevention of Hate and the association coordinating the Respect Zone label will review all the reports concerning the illegitimate use of the Respect Zone label.

Report illegal or abusive content

Today, many different solutions are available to report illegal or abusive online content.


The French online reporting service, supported by the European Commission, is open
to receiving all reports of shocking or abusive content found on the internet, from any user.


The official website for reporting illegal content on the Internet:


The national number for the protection of minors on the Internet: 0 800 200 000,
This free, anonymous and confidential number is open on working days from 9am–7pm.
It provides advice and a listening ear, and it can also help delete images or offensive
remarks, as well as the offending accounts, thanks to the privileged and direct contact
"NET ECOUTE" has with the social networks operators.