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Respect Zone Tool User Guide

An innovative initiative and Respect by Design for cyber dignity

 1. For general use

The label is a self-moderation tool against cyber violence and for freedom of expression. By displaying the label, you are affirming your commitment to cyber dignity.

 2. For label editors 

The Respect Zone label demonstrates respect on sites, pages, social media accounts on homepages, or a badge on profile pictures (Facebook application available).

 3. For moderatorsThe

Respect Zone tools can help in moderating interactive pages that the editor/owner of a social media account can moderate (interactive pages = open to comments): with the label displayed at the bottom to the right of the “Submit” button, this allows the user to reflect before posting content. Moderating with Respect Zone tools means not letting hate spread onto your page, and reacting with consequences with a critical approach.

 4. For schools and businesses

The Respect Zone tool can be used to demonstrate respect and to combat all forms of harassment, and to educate others about digital tools and respecting others. This may encourage students to become Respect Zone ambassadors. Schools may wish to use the Respect Zone activity portfolio, and/or carry out the school labelling ceremony.

 5. For email signatures

To remind all recipients that the sender is against violent communication.

 6. Conséquences of negligent or abusive use of the label 

Displaying the label is an ethical commitment to vigilance and adherence to the charter. The Respect Zone label is freely available from the association (open source) and includes the association’s registered trademark. Self-moderation is freely available, as long as the charter (translated into numerous languages) is respected by the bearer. Displaying the label without respecting the charter will result in formal notices and legal proceedings.