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Description of the Respect Zone Moderator Certificate

Respect Zone is leading the development of the Respect Zone Moderator Certificate, whose goal is to promote respect on the Internet. Hatred is omnipresent on the Internet, and especially on social networks (forums, press websites, Facebook, etc.). As of today, there are no training courses or legitimate quality standards required to become a moderator on social networks. Our goal is therefore to create a certifying training course for young people and adults, to teach them how to moderate websites and forums that they manage, in accordance with the Respect Zone Charter (and the law). The secondary goal of this online certifying training course, in the form of a serious game/quiz, is to help people without a diploma or job, by allowing them to develop new skills and therefore increase their marketability to become a moderator.

Creating civil online places for discussions is indeed possible, but moderator training is both necessary and currently lacking. Although moderation could be partially done using algorithms, moderation still requires human interaction. In order to make this human interaction effective, we need to establish a set of standards based on the Respect Zone Charter. When moderators have completed their training, they will be able join a Respect Zone certified moderation team. They will also be able to add this qualification to their résumé which will make them more attractive to companies or institutions, with the objective of strengthening debate in a peaceful environment.

Teaching moderation is paramount to social and democratic development. It also permits better qualifications for young people. This innovation strives to emphasize the importance of the role of moderators, which is essential, especially with the current digital climate which is in need of standards and appropriate training.

The project therefore requires financial aid for the conception and delivery of the module. A certified Respect Zone moderator will be eligible to join moderation teams in companies, institutions, charities or companies specialized in moderation. This project is likely to interest governments as this type of social employment may help with unemployment rates.

Since the end of 2014, when the association was founded, Respect Zone has demonstrated its capacity to mobilize in original ways to fight against cyber bullying. Licorns vs. Haters 2016. www.respectzone.org

We already know that our partners such as TF1, la DILCRAH, WPP, Free, l’Ecole 42, l’école SIMPLON, Le Ministère de l’Education Nationale, le Groupe MIME, les services de la Prévention de Délinquance, l’Observatoire de Prévention de la Violence Scolaire, le National Association for School Climate, The Bystanders Revolution, le Digital Forum and other groups are very receptive to our project, generating great synergy.

Contact : info@respectzone.org www.respectzone.org