Here is the 1st certification training in Moderation against hate online! Respect Zone launches in 2020 the first MOOC for training internet users and moderators – free training available in French and English.

As part of a large European project, SCAN *, offers condensed training, accessible to you in a few clicks.

Register now* on the platform of our partner Facing Facts Online!***, and get your free SCAN Moderator badge to display on your social networks.

* It’s easy to log in! Follow the login path :

*** Facing Facts Online! is a MOODLE online course platform created by our partners Facing Facts and CEJI.


A badge to show skills regarding moderation against hate speech

On your Linked in profile or on your site, post your commitment to RESPECT and your hate moderation skills online. Your MOOC registration allows you to obtain a digital badge that you can associate with your profile on the RS or on your site. You’ll just need to confirm that you signed the Respect Zone Moderation charter (Read here).

Who can become a moderator with this free online training?

This course is intended for all citizens active on the internet and who are responsible for moderating spaces. Beginner, professional volunteers or moderators, influencers, journalists, advocate, RESPECT advocates on networks, optimize your moderation skills to effectively fight hate online. Register for free and get your moderator badge.
What skills to become an online moderator?

The MOOC SCAN will allow all those who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills to become a moderator and counter hate online (for the program click here, summary pdf)

Divided into 6 modules, the course addresses the key concepts that will guarantee the effectiveness, legality and security of your moderation actions. Packed with information, advice and role-playing, this course will quickly allow you to:

  • identify the issues and challenges of moderation against hate online
  • understand the role of the online moderator and how he can protect himself
  • identify and assess the impact of different hate speech
  • qualify illegal and hateful content in order to deal effectively with it
  • graduating the responses, intervening for compliance … making a report
  • write or adapt a moderation charter
  • contribute to fighting hatred and preserving freedom of expression
  • participate in the forum of moderators committed against hate

One of the flagship projects of the Respect Zone Association is to offer real moderation training that is effective against online hatred. The challenge was to condense all the information for an effective course in less than 6 hours!

* The SCAN project required two years of work with a team of more than 14 people. This MOOC was developed with the financial support of the European Community. It was created with the help of different associations from 8 different countries. The course, available in French and English, on the educational platform developed by the CEJI: FACING FACTS ONLINE!

Community manager and citizens, take advantage of this free training to display your skills as moderators!

For free, in a few minutes, register (form at the top of this page), validate your commitment and display your badge! We will be by your side throughout the process to help you. Contact: laura-blu.mauss [a]