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I defend the freedoms of expression, of thinking and of criticism as fundamental rights.  Whether in an online or offline context, I listen to others and communicate in a non-violent, accountable and self-moderated way, in accordance with this Charter.

Internet and social networks are spaces for freedom where anyone can communicate, share, learn and open up. The rights for all must be respected online in order to build a space for exchange, respect and self-respect.

I undertake not to post nor share a content (text, audio or video) that involves either:

a)   bullying others,

b)   racism or discrimination based off origin, belief, skin color, or any real or supposed religion (for example, Christianity, Islam, Judaism)

c)   homophobia or sexism,

d)   discrimination or stigmatization based off a person’s appearance or physical disabilities,

e)   incitement to hatred, violence, terrorism or barbarism,

f)    intentional post or sharing of intimate information without the consent of the concerned person.

 As a general principle, I choose to post or share contents in a responsible and critical manner and in accordance with this Charter.

When I identify with or am notified of content contrary to this Charter on a digital platform that I manage or have responsibility for (for example, my Facebook page or my website), I will – as soon as possible and appropriately, (a) be critical and disassociate myself from that content (counter speech), (b) flag it up to whoever is concerned (e.g.; a webmaster) and/or (c) take it down it.

I display the Respect Zone label in a visible manner (e.g.; on my profile pictures, my social media accounts, and my websites – home page, header or with links).  Every display of the label Respect Zone will include a link toward www.respectzone.org.

I recognize that the Respect Zone label is the property of the Respect Zone association which authorizes the use of the trademarked label only as set out in this Charter.


Respect Zone™ is a non-profit non-Governmental organization which accepts donations. Companies, organizations, agencies and educational institutions must donate a yearly donation to display and utilize Respect Zone™

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