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Are you an artist?

Support Respect Zone with your art and original talents If you’re an artist (youtuber, film-maker, graphic designer/artist, designer, stylist, musician, sculptor, singer, writer, poet, blogger…) Express your talent to support Respect Zone’s cause.

Submit your respect-themed proposals and creations to us. A selection will be exhibited for a limited period of time on our online gallery and our social media.

Contact: info@respectzone.org

Works created by Respect Zone Short film The film director Delphine Seignon has already produced a short film for Respect Zone, “I’m in danger” (by Delphine Seignon – for Respect Zone).

je suis en danger

A poem  A beautiful poem written for Respect Zone by an amateur writer and poet sympathetic to our cause, who publishes under the pseudonym Gabriel Epixem. – For the pleasure and sharing of poetry.

Toi qui entres dans ma Respect Zone,
Écoute et chante cette comptine,
Nous avons tous la même origine,
Alors autant être enfin syntone.

Toi qui chantes dans ma Respect Zone,
Sache qu’ici, ma sœur, on se tolère,
Ensemble, chantons sans être aphone,
Sache qu’ici, mon frère, on se modère.

Toi qui écris dans ma Respect Zone,
Sache qu’ici, surtout, on se respecte,
Oui, toi, deviens notre anticyclone,
Et sache ainsi qu’ici on t’accepte.

Toi qui ressors d’une Respect Zone,
Élargis maintenant sa frontière,
Participe ainsi à sa carrière,
Qu’elle devienne enfin notre ozone.