Respect Zone has decided to develop a specific handicap clause in collaboration with the SJKB Association, in order to promote respect for handicapped people on the Internet as well as in everyday life.

Raising awareness of handicaps allows us to change people’s attitudes and promote equal opportunities, adapted to alllow handicapped people to have a better standard of living and integrate better into our society.

This is why Véronique Chapuis-Thuault & Sébastien Joachim came to Respect Zone, to propose an additional clause to the Respect Zone Charter, dedicated to the respect of handicaps and handicapped people.


23721968_532401847107597_1236805802_n Véronique Chapuis-Thuault, Patron and Talent Sponsor of the SJKB.

In this vein, Sébastien Joachim, President of the SJKB Association will become a Respect Zone Ambassador to promote respect for handicapped people on- and off-line, as well as lead the project.

Sébastien Joachim, President du SJKB (an association for blindness prevention) and Respect Zone Ambassador for the Respect of Handicapped People.


Sébastien Joachim Président  of SJKB (Association de lutte contre la cécité) et Ambassador for the Respect of Handicapped People.

Respect is spread notably through the following actions:
• Promoting the Respect Zone label with the handicap clause, including within companies, to facilitate the professional integration of handicapped people.
• Collaboration between people dealing with handicaps and people affected by handicaps on the theme of respect.
• Conception and carrying out of actions, promotion, and communication regarding the project and the concept of respect for handicapped people.
• Communicating how webmasters can make their websites accessible, notably for visually impaired people.