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The key but delicate points that need to be clarified in order to draft a regulation proposal concerning our initiative on « the duty to educate » are the following:

Questions for a proposed International (EU?) draft regulation :

1.  Should the text of the regulation proposal only concern Mein Kampf?

2. Imposition of a warning:
– size (10 pages?),
– placement
– format,
– authors, who names the authors
– versions
– use the French version from the 1979 Court of Appeal’s decision or create an entirely new warning ?

3. Watermarking/ water mark mention: “50 million deaths” and/or “genocidal theory” and/or?

4. Should the regulation apply to short extracts?

5. Should an internet link be added to the warning that directs the reader to the scientific version of the IfZ?

6. What sanctions should be in place in case the regulation is not respected?

7. What should be done with the translations that are too different from the original? (even the French translations from the 30s seems to be incorrect)?

8. Should a request be added to create an annual report on the reception of Mein Kampf in the EU and associated countries ?

9. The deadline for preparing a warning and the date that the regulation should go into effect? The end of 2012?

10. Should a committee of experts be created to study the creation of a control on hate content and of their toxicity in particular towards the youth and the memory policy in Europe?

– Should texts be cited that should be made included in this prevention?
11. Designing the preamble: which texts should be referenced? Which human rights ? Which Conventions?

12. Why is the Treaty of Rome and resulting texts silent on the subject of World War II?

13. What should be the role of the UN? UNESCO? European Court of Human Rights? The OECD? The G20 and the theme of a civilized internet?

14. Should an assessment of the circulation of Mein Kampf be requested from the quai d’orsay?

15. How should the gray-area circulation be managed (those outside of ISBN editions)? Ex: Duplicates in Iran, Internet

16. Should Internet providers be responsible?

17. Should search engines that do not distinguish between legal and illegal editions be responsible?  The science of denial: why, for example is not explicitly denied in the first page that appears when you type Mein Kampf or Hitler?

18. How could the regulation be open to states that are not members of the EU?

19. Can it be legally demanded that candidates for accession to the EU sign a protocol of adherence to these regulations for their membership? If so, how?
20. Should we ask the expert committee to issue a report on the need to have a single updated European edition of the book under the supervision of the IFZ?

21. Who will nominate the experts? Who would be nominated to the expert committee?

22. An edition of Mein Kampf was just sold for 30,000£ this week, what sort message is this sending?
Should a warning be required to be sent for used book sales also?

23. Apply the prevention to abridged versions?

24. Could customs seize the offending sales via postal services?

As a reminder, 734 versions are on the market.

25. Include translations in all languages: difficulty: some are accurate, unclear, revised, etc …

26- Who else should be contacted  to enrich the Initiative in each country ? Where are you able to contact peers, personalities or experts?

27- Who in particular should come sign/debate on October 11?

28- The Paris Appeal (or another name?) of October 11, 2011 The Platform of the Initiative: who should be included?

29- Which publishers can support the Initiative ?

30. A need to publish a new prototype translation ?